So here are the pictures related to my YouTube video that I’m not able to show due to YouTube’s privacy policy. Click on them to see them in original size. Then use the arrow buttons left and right to navigate through the pics.

America Geeks, or as their real Indian company name Geeks Technical Solutions Pvt Ltd located in Sector 82 Mohali is one of the most infamous tech support scam call centers in North India. They are currently facing a lawsuit by Microsoft for fraud and misusing their name. The owners Kunal and Mohit Bansal aswell as Amanpreet Singh Doad have been booked for fraud and a FIR filed against them.

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NeeP · 8th January 2020 at 10:42

yeah a forum would be which I’m part of the admin team. We have over 15,000 users and there are a variety of scams covered there. You can research about scammers, post scammer phone numbers or get help regarding how to scambait, what tools to use etc. See you there 🙂

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